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About URL Encoder and Decoder

URL encoding refers to encoding specific characters in a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). URL encoding is a two-step process: a string of characters is encoded in a sequence of bytes and then each byte that is not an ASCII character or a digit is converted to a hexadecimal value of a byte. This online URL encoder / decoder tool, often known as percent encoding, is very helpful when adding special characters to URL parameters. The URL encoding process involves replacing unacceptable characters with% (percent marks) and two additional hexadecimal values.

URL Encoder and Decoder is a free online SEO tool that shows you the encoded URL version of the text in the text box. This is especially helpful if you want to include special characters that are only available using URL parameters. Use this tool to encode URLs and decode a SAML message GET parameter. Paste a SAML message and get its url-encoded version or paste a url-encoded SAML message and get its plain-text version.

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