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Page Authority Checker helps you check the PA score of a website. This gives you an idea of how well a website page can perform on Google.

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About Page Authority Checker

Page Authority (PA) is a ranking term from MOZ that estimates how well a particular page will rank in search engine results. The authority score of a particular page ranges from 1 to 100. Note that higher scores mean higher chances of ranking. Page authority ranks web pages based on their authority. Of course, as far as page authority is concerned, its ranking in Google search engine is more important.

Page authority for your site or your competitors is based on information from search engine indexes and considers dozens of criteria. Like Domain Authority, these ranking machines use tools to more effectively compare sites to each other. This is a relative index, which may vary under various factors. You shouldn't judge your site's authority by this ranking alone. Still, it's a tool that lets you learn the page's chances of reaching the top of search results and attracting more search traffic to your site.

What is Page Authority?

Page Authority (PA) is a quality score for a single web page that estimates how well a particular page will rank in a SERP. Page Authority is a term coined by Moz. Page authority scores usually range from 1 to 100. PA score is a major concern for most SEO experts and they are right about it. Most common SEO techniques such as creating quality content and link building are only intended to increase page authority. However, this score alone cannot guarantee search visibility; Contextual relevance to the query is also required but it is undoubtedly a strong indicator of general SEO performance.

Creating quality content and link building are tasks that professionals perform to increase the authority of a particular page. Relevance, among other things, is significant for keyword ranges, and is a strong indicator of the overall effectiveness of your search engine marketing strategy. However, this index alone cannot provide a real ranking in search.

What is Page Authority Checker?

Many factors can affect a site's success and authority ranking in search engines. Special machine algorithms determine the quality of your site's pages and give it a rating based on bulk factors. It's not just the serial numbering of a website, but the quality badge of their pages. This index may change over time, so check it regularly.

MOZ explains a 100-point scale to calculate the internal rank of your URLs, just like it does with DA. The scale makes assigning a rating extremely easy and makes it more relative. So, to check the changes in your website ranking, we recommend using Page Authority Checker regularly. We created this free tool so you can get an up-to-date rating of your site along with our other Domain Authority Checker tools.

If Google thinks your website is authentic and high-quality, it will give it more weight when deciding which pages to show when someone searches its site. Our Authority Checker tool looks at the content of your web pages and assigns a quality score to your pages based on several bulk criteria.

How to use Page Authority Checker Tool?

Among numerous tools, we guarantee you that our Page Authority Checker tool is the most convenient way. You can use this simple tool to check score with just one click. Enter the URL of the page you want to analyze to check page authority. Our Page Authority Checker will give you a PA score. You will find the total number of links pointing to each page as well as the number of linking root domains. Finally, the general status section will let you know if there are any problems with the results.

Page Authority vs Domain Authority

Domain Authority and Page Authority are somewhat similar rather they are two different things. Domain Authority is the ranking score of your entire website and Page Authority is the ranking score of only a specific page of your website. If you are a webmaster, you must know the difference between domain authority and page authority. While page authority only gives you the approximate ranking power of a page, domain authority is a measure for the visibility and ranking power of an entire website.

Each resource that links to a specific page on your site gives it some link weight and authority. This is basically how search engines vote on the quality and authority of their sites. The more links a site gets, the higher the quality of its content and its ranking in SERP features. It is not unusual for these indicators to differ significantly. Both sites and specific pages have their criteria for authority. They get it by similar algorithms. To successfully promote a completely non-spam site, you need to know domain and page authority metrics. You can check domain authority based on MOZ domain authority algorithm here.

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