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Website Link Checker is an online SEO tool that allows you to analyze both external and internal links related to your website.

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About the Website Link Checker Tool

Every website has two types of links which are; Internal links, external links. Internal links are those that link to other pages that are created within a website External links are those through which a website links to other websites. As a website's traffic increases and more internal and external links are added, you need a website link checker tool to review your links.

Links act like a navigator that allows you to visit different pages of the website. You can go from one page to another without going back to the main page menu or having to go back to the main page. Websites have internal links that allow you to explore different pages within a website Some websites have 'external' links that take you to a page on another website.

You can navigate between two or more websites using external links on a website. External links on a website are usually in a different color than the main text on the page and will be underlined For example if you open a page on Wikipedia, the text is black and external links are blue.

The link checker tool basically allows you to keep track of all the links on your site. Using this tool, you can analyze the external and internal links relevant to your website. Many major popular search engines consider links as a sign of credibility or a vote for a particular website. Links with great content also send a large stream of the high-value traffic you're looking for Therefore, a free link checker tool holds great significance.

How to use this link checker tool?

With the evolution of search engines, it has become important to regularly check the health of your web pages to avoid search engine penalties. If you link too many outbound links without nofollow attribute in anchor tags, outbound links to your pages can damage your page reputation. According to search engines, your website's bad reputation will also hurt your ranking and page authority. However, it will be safer for your entire domain or an individual web page if you keep external links no-follow.

This tool instantly checks how many anchor links your web page has in total and depending on the option you choose; It displays all internal links, all external links or links in both categories separately.

To use the link checker tool, enter any URL in the input field above and press enter to send the request to our system. Our tool will instantly inspect the live URL in real-time and collect the required data from its HTML source code. After analyzing the data, it will show the output in few seconds. One thing to note is that our tool will only analyze the URLs you enter here. If you want to test your entire website, you'll need to enter each individual URL one by one to test the internal and external links of those individual pages. Entering your domain's home page URL will not analyze your entire domain.

Importance of this link checker tool

This website link checker tool is one of the most useful tools for many website owners and webmasters. Because it can provide information on both inbound and outbound links to a particular website. From the results, you can easily analyze a link to your website and compare it with the number of inbound/outbound links to your competitor's website.

The impact of search engine ranking on your website is huge, and is measured using a unique parameter that only search engines like Google know. This is why it is always best to keep your web pages free from bad links and other errors as this will help you rank higher on search engine result pages. This free online link checker can help you identify if your web pages have broken links, also known as bad links.

This will help your website immensely if you are trying to get links that your competitor websites don't have. Also, you must not rely on any link building software or scripts for your link building success. Your website page rankings will improve if they are clean, fresh and credible. Stay focused and aim to stay ahead of your competing websites.

Benefits of this link checker tool

Link Checker can analyze your website's internal and external as well as do-follow and no-follow links. This link checker is designed to provide website owners, webmasters and SEO professionals with a tool that shows reliable results that can be used to analyze all the links on a particular website.

You will be presented with a table of internal and external links including do-follows and no-follows on your website. If your website has hidden links or spam links, you can use link checker tool to determine these hidden links and spam links. It will show you which websites are sending you traffic or backlinks. You can use this website link checker tool to focus on your important web pages, then improve other links to get a higher page ranking in various search engines like Google.

Website search engine ranking depends on both quantity and quality of incoming links. It is essential for you to check the competition by analyzing the link building techniques used by your competitors, prepare a website for optimization and improve your traffic. To provide you with a better and reliable backlink analysis report for your website, this link checker tool will help a lot.

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