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About Broken Link Checker

When you click on a link that is supposed to take you to a certain page, yet it takes you to another page that shows a 404 error message - this is called a broken link. Some common reasons for a broken link are listed below:

  • The website is temporarily or permanently unavailable
  • The web page has been deleted
  • Web page permalinks have changed or changed
  • Broken links make the user experience very unpleasant and can damage your website's reputation.

Non-working links are extremely annoying and reflect very poorly on your professionalism. Not only do they prevent visitors from staying and returning to your site, but they can also negatively affect your search engine rankings.

Instead of manually checking all the pages on your site and clicking through all the outbound links, let Broken Link Checker do the work and give you a report on the links that need your attention.

What is a broken link?

A broken link is often referred to as a dead link. This is a link to a specific page that is already broken. These are internal or external dead links that have been moved to a different URL without proper redirection or simply abandoned.

Having a few broken links on your page is not good especially if you have an online business. If you are a website owner, it is very important to always make your site visitors happy. You need to make sure that all the links on your website are working so that people trust your site.

Dead links are difficult to fix because they are invisible to web admins until they are checked. Most business websites lack dedicated web analytics staff and software to track dead links. Over time, as websites and the online topography change and evolve, links that once worked are lost.

If you want to track all the broken links on your website and keep your web pages links up to date then this broken link checker will be of great help.

What is a broken link checker?

A broken link checker is a special tool that helps you identify such broken links. You check URLs to get a report identifying all dead links This allows you to address and modify them.

The larger and more advanced the website, the more difficult hyperlink maintenance becomes. Since only some website owners can hire people to handle the maintenance task, our free online broken link checker tool helps you.

It is very easy to detect and fix broken links with Broken Link Checker. The link checker tool only flags bad ones, unlike other tools that sometimes mix good links with bad ones. Broken Link Checker scans your entire site for link issues and keeps track of previously reported issues so you don't repeat the same invalid URL multiple times unless you want to.

How do you prevent broken links?

There are some precautions you can take to prevent broken links in your website URLs.

  • Be careful when creating URLs manually. Be aware of typos. Do not italicize or bold your URL address.
  • Do not put punctuation marks after your URL.
  • Verify the links to make sure they point to the correct landing page
  • If you purge some resources from your website, such as images, make sure the photos are not deleted.
  • Set 301 redirects for all pages that are no longer exist
  • Make it a habit to regularly audit each web page's links with the Broken Link Checker tool.

How to use Broken Link Checker?

Easy to use broken link checker. Anyone can use our free tool without needing special skills. It is a handy tool for website owners, web admins and SEO professionals as there is no limit to search. The tool is free, and no registration is required.

To check broken links in any web URL, perform the following steps:

  • Open the Broken Link Checker tool.
  • Enter the URL in the given field for that purpose, and click on the "Check Broken Links" button.
  • First, the given URL is requested on your website, then its response is scanned for any anchor links. When anchor links are found with anchor HTML tags, those links (internal or external) are requested by each tool and checked to see if they return a 404 response code or something else. If the page sends a 404 response code in the HTTP header, the URL is incorrect or not configured to open correctly.
  • After detailed analysis, the tool gives you a detailed report. The information includes the URL of the link, the link itself, its type (internal or external), and its status (broken or not).

Why are broken links bad for SEO?

Having broken links or dead links on a website is not only frustrating, but it can also affect your website's reputation. Broken links create a negative user experience and indicate that a website is not a reliable source of information. For users, finding broken links on a site negatively affects their perception of that website's quality and reputation.

And with the popularity of social media, people now have the opportunity to voice their opinions. So, if they have had a bad experience with your website, they will likely say so and this can further damage your website's credibility.

Another reason to remove broken links is to optimize search engine indexing. A search engine like Google uses website crawler tools to update and index web content. When a search engine website crawler (also called a spider) crawls your site and finds too many broken and dead links, it will affect your website's ranking. We know that traffic is a major factor for a good page ranking in search engines so you must ensure that all the broken links on your website are cleared as this can help increase traffic to your site.

It is important to update your website regularly especially when using external links as your partner website will not always notify you if they have made a change or moved the link to another location. External servers are likely to be temporarily or permanently taken down as well as domains expiring or being sold. These are things you can't control, but you can take precautionary steps by regularly checking your website with this broken link checker.

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