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The Alexa ranking is calculated and provided by as a numerical popularity ranking for websites, with 1 ranking being the most popular. Your site's Alexa rank is a common number representing your website's popularity compared to all other live websites. A site's Alexa rank is based on estimates of traffic and visitor engagement over the past 3 months and currently serves as a useful metric for judging the overall popularity of websites related to all live websites. Currently all the top global spots are taken by huge companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Netflix and a few major Chinese websites.

Our free Alexa Rank Tester is a quick way to find Alexa rank on your own website or any other site. Just enter the URL (domain name) you want to verify, be it your own site or other sites in the niche of your business. We recommend checking your Alexa rank regularly to see if your site's popularity is growing or declining over time.

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